Morocco : Touristic Aspects

Morocco has undoubdtedly risen the forefront of countries favored by nature and history which offers everything needed by the most demanding visitors. The authenticity of the atmospheres, the rich history and artistic heritage, the diversity of the landscapes as well as the unique climate.

Thanks to the countless air, sea and road links, Morocco has become an essential destination from Europe but also from different region all around the world.

In a matter of hours, the european visitor can have the opportunity for a complete change of scenery, change from the gray sky in Europe to the perpetually clear sky in Morocco. The difference is striking as in a fary tale.

Tourism Throughout the year :

To visit Morocco, no need to rack your brain to find the ideal period ? Once the feets set on moroccan territory, the visitor, often a slave of the rythme of modernity of his life, finds his natural gestures, no matter the regions visited or the period of the trip. In fact, Morocco is full of tourist destination adapted to each period.

During the Summer:

Rich with its 1800 kilometers of coastline, Morocco offers a wide choice to its visitors. Beach resorts all along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic such as Agadir, Essaouira, El Jadida, Acila, Saïdia, Dakhla and many others. The many marinas scattered along the coast offers visitors the opportunity to practice their favorite water sport.

To this we cana dd of course the entertainement side, an essential factor for a pleasant holiday by the sea. Many festivals and events are orhanised there troughout the summer period, the party is permanent.

During the Autumn:

In Morocco, autumn is still summer. The heat is still there but with a certain restraint. Now it’s tim to think about vsisiting the must-see south, a magical place both for its beauty and for its people.

The landscapes are diverse, starting with crossing the Atlas Mountain ranges, the visitor will discover the Dades and Todra gorges, the oases and of course the unmissable sand dunes of Merzouga or Erg Chebbi and of corse many others.

During the Winter:

In Morocco, winter is less harsh than elsewhere. It’s even ideal for travelling as the temperatures are pleasants and more bearable than those of the european countries. This is the ideal time to visit the main cities of Morocco such as Marrakech, Fes and many others. And at the same time, afford the luxury of visiting the surroundings areas. Let us not forget that Morocco has also Ski resorts such as Oukaimden or Michlifen where visitors can practice their favorite winter sport not far from big cities.

During the Spring:

The wole Morocco is open to visitors, from northe to south and from east to west. The country is metamorphosed into large flower gardens. They will be spoiled for choicebetween the many products offered ; tours around the country, stays in a unique destination, golf trips, seaside resorts, etc…

Moroccans, an essential asset :

Morocco has very important natural assets, the diversity of the landscapes makes it a unique place of its kind. But the legendary hospiutality and natural generosity of moroccans makes it more attravtive. It’s not just a backdrop of memorable photos, it’s a way of life, and it’s a unique experience. Warm welcome, a natural smile, a desire to be of service without conditions, an innate sense of contact are worth a thousand times better than an idyllic settings.

The moroccan is by nature very warm and very helpful and has a good sense of contact, during his stay in Morocco, the visitor will undoubtedly have the opportunity to visit moroccan families and discover their way of life. In big cities or in authentic villages of the country, it’s an opportunity to give natural and human meaning to your trip.

Morocco has done everything to succeed:

Tourism in Morocco is an essential sector and to succeed Morocco has invested heavily. Thanks to its 16000 kilometers of roads, its hotels of different categories, its restaurants run by great chefs, its confortable means of transport adopted to international standards, its experienced tourist guides who speaks several languages, Morocco can claim lound and clear having gathered all the assets to succeed in its challenge : Make Morocco a mus-see destination.

To do so, all means have been made available to visitors : airports in all regions of the kingdom, conventions have emerged with major international operators in the field sauch as airline (scheduled and charter flights), tour operators and travel agencies

To all this must be added publicity actions hrough the national tourist office, which take place in all tourism fairs with all the operators in the sector. The launch of advertising compaigns extrolling Morocco’s strengths in Major television chanels have become classics. Not to forget state subsidies for international organizations programming our destination.