Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement: Understand the Importance

In today’s globalized world, international trade and investment have become increasingly common. However, with the expansion of cross-border transactions, one major challenge that businesses face is the issue of double taxation. This occurs when a taxpayer is subject to tax on the same income in two different countries. To address this concern, countries have established Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) under Section 90 of their respective tax laws.

A DTAA is a bilateral agreement between two countries that aims to eliminate or reduce the double taxation of income and capital gains. These agreements work by allocating taxing rights and providing mechanisms for the exchange of information between the contracting countries. They ensure that taxpayers are not unfairly burdened by having to pay taxes on the same income twice.

For example, let’s consider an individual who resides in Country A but earns income from Country B. Without a DTAA in place, this person may be liable to pay tax on their income both in Country A and Country B. However, if a DTAA exists between these two countries, it will determine which country has the primary right to tax the income and may provide relief from double taxation through methods such as exemption or credit.

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